Hidden Level | Airspace Monitoring Service
This project was a big achievement for me. I mostly work with studios doing animation and other 3D work so I rarely get to work with all the other parts of a project. Hidden Level wanted a video that would give an introduction to their Airspace Monitoring Service and give an overview of its potential markets. Since this project was direct to client I got to work on every aspect, producing, creative and art direction, boarding, etc. I also had the privilege of working with the wonderful Zelig Sound who created the music and sound design. The clients were incredibly happy with it which made it a very rewarding project.
Client: Hidden Level
Visual: Sam Tato
Audio: Zelig Sound
I wanted this whole video to feel super clean to give the technology a modern but approachable feel.  The color scheme also helped to accentuate the brand colors and keep the focus on the most important parts of the frame.  The clients didn't want a lot of text so I needed to boil down the key points into something that could be understood visually in just a few seconds on screen.  
Usually my favorite part of a project is when I get to go in and add little details.  Although we only see the boats from pretty far away I think adding in the wakes helped to bring the city to life a bit. 
Music: Caleb Belkin - Water
This shot needed a little something extra so I had the idea of throwing these birds in. I think they helped to give a little energy to the scene without taking any attention away from the type that’s in the final. Shoutout to Marcus D for the use of his music!
Music: Marcus D - Forgotten ft. Jinsang
Drawing is definitely not a skill of mine but it always helps to draw because often times it's the quickest way possible to get my ideas out.  Here are the earliest boards I drew.  The project actually didn't stray too far from this original iteration.